Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Court--and the existence of bias against wommon

Why does the United States of America seem so devastatingly unaware of the problem of gender bias in family courts?

In 2003, Joan Meier wrote in the JOURNAL OF GENDER, SOCIAL POLICY & THE LAW, " is highly unusual for a battered woman in private litigation to be recognized by a court to be sincerely advocating for her children's safety. Rather, her very status as a litigant, a mother , and battered seems to ensure that she will be viewed as, at best, merely self-interested, and at worst, not credible."

I was amazed to read this statement. For so long I have been told that there is a bias in family court--but the bias is toward wommon. Now I read that there is actually a bias against wommon, and I read it in an article by someone who should know.Joan Meier is the executive director of the Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project at George Washington University Law School.

Is it this bias against wommon which caused such disaster for wommon like Elsa Newman and Amy Castillo? I find that a terrifying thought.

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