Thursday, June 19, 2008

A "why" of great interest...

Several days ago I posted the item to the left on my Yahoo 360 space, Pug Chatter. Well... with a simple difference. When I originally posted it there, all it said were the words at the bottom: no picture, no picture, no picture.
Today, I posted it again to the same site, but with the additions you see here. Why did I do that? Because the person I was talking about has now removed his whole site from MySpace.
No kidding! He took off the whole thing. I was both amazed and delighted.
Somewhere, somehow, he has read about my determination to spread word about Elsa Newman and the injustice with which she and her children have been treated.
Somewhere, somehow, he has read about what I believe he did and is doing to the children in his care.
Sooo... he first deleted the picture, with those tell-tale hands.
Then, when I commented on the absence of the picture, he deleted his whole site.
If he is not guilty of what his ex-wife accuses him of, WHY would he first remove the picture and later delete his site?
If Elsa Newman is wrong, WHY would he first remove his picture and then delete his site?

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