Thursday, June 12, 2008

Augie Has a question

Our Augie has a question for the "why" blog. In fact, I would like to ask several questions on the behalf of Augie.

Augie is a rescue who came to us from an organization in Seattle, Washington, who came upon him when some s******* threw him out of a moving car into traffic.

Augie is both deaf and blind.

Now that you know those things, here are the questions our Aug-Dog wants to ask:

1. I blind, completely blind, and if I can see that there is something seriously wrong in the case of Elsa Newman and her sons, why can't peoples see it?

2. I deaf, completely deaf, and if I can hear the angels crying over Elsa and those boys, why 'a ole judge an' peoples in 'a state a' Maryland not able 'a hear 'em an' help 'at wommon an' 'em kids.

3. Even though I blind and deaf, my sniffer work very well, an' I wanna know w'y 'a whole country not smell 'at 'ere sumpin' rotten inna state a' Maryland.

4. An' I got one more good, solid question: Why 'em Castillo kids dead? Why Elsa's kids inna custody of a nasty pedophile parent? Don't 'em peoples in 'at' 'at' 'at' don't 'at judge an' 'at psychologis' ever learn? Don't laugh! I deaf an' blind, not' I know it was the same state...the same county...the same courthouse...the same judge...anna same ole psychologist in both the Newman case anna Castillo case.

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