Monday, June 16, 2008


Fact: Elsa Newman is in prison.

Fact: Her children live far away from her. Their father has custody.

Fact: Elsa loves her children.

Fact: Elsa is worried about her children.

Fact: Elsa believes those children are being abused--sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally--by the custodial parent.

Fact: Part of the prosecution case in Elsa Newman's trial was a 9-1-1 tape in which her estranged husband stated that Elsa had sent someone to try to kill him...

Fact: There is no way on earth he could have known that, even if it were true. Which it isn't.

Fact: I'm left scratching my head in my best I-don't-get-it fashion. The question is this: How could prosecutor Katherine Winfree have used evidence that made a lie of itself?

And then the next logical question: How could that evidence possibly have been successful?

Fact: Elsa Newman is in prison.

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