Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Please add your signature to the online petition for Elsa Newman and her sons:
[the website above is not clickable; please copy and paste]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TRANSCRIBED: material from flyer

It seems that the material on the flyer I posted previously may be difficult for some of you to read. Here then is a transcription of the material to help you:

"This was a beautiful, loving family. Then mom expected the courts to protect her children from abuse. Everything went topsy-turvy. Now mom is in prison for a crime she did not commit, and the children are stuck with the very person who abused them.

Please sign our petition and ask friends to sign. Your signatures help not only this family but thousands of others whose cries for help--along with the expectations of their concerned mothers--were silenced.

Speak up. Judge righteously. Proverbs 31:9

The best way to reach these to sites is probably to copy and past the addess into your browser.

Elsa Newman is innocent--please sign the petition

The problem with this petition has been that signatures don't seem to be showing up on the original petition. Over 100 people have told Friends of Elsa Newman that they have signed the petition...yet the number of signatures remains steadfast at 277.

I have written to the petition site. As yet I have heard nothing from the managers of the site.

My suggestion? Sign both of these. The original petition is in black below...the new version is in blue. [An apt color scheme, I suspect, for a woman and children who have been battered, abused and bruised by the Maryland "justice" system, by the prison system, and by the abusive father of the two boys.]

If you wish to sign only one petition, perhaps the new version would be preferable, since it still seems to be accepting signatures. I'll be back with news about why signatures are not posting on the other one.



Sunday, August 9, 2009


Dear young men who have asked me not to use your names any longer,

Please notice that I respect your wishes, even though I must continue to write about the abomination your father has made of your lives, and the hell on earth he has created for your mother.

Her hell has more than one part, you know: one part, of course, is the imprisonment itself, unjust as it is, and the way she is treated in prison. Another part is her separation from you. And still another is her knowledge of the disclosures you made when you were much younger; your mother has to live every day of her life with the belief that your father abuses and molests you in every way he can think of.

And one more part of your mother's hell on earth is the certain knowledge that your father lies to you about her. Yes. He lies.

LIE: Your father told you that your mother planned to kill her older son, in order to save the younger one. LIE!

LIE: Your father told you that your mother pushed you down the stairs. LIE! In reality, your father pushed your mother down the stairs while she was holding a baby...the older of the two of you.

LIE: Your father told you that Margery Landry tried to kill him. LIE! If she was even remotely thinking of murder, why did she have only two bullets in the gun?

LIE: Your father told you that it was crazy for you to call Margery Landry "Aunt Margie." LIE! Lots of kids call their mom's best friend aunt...or other friends of the family aunt or uncle. It is actually quite common in the very finest of families.

LIE: Your father tells you that your mother is crazy. LIE! Your mother is a woman unjustly imprisoned. She is a mother who loves her children far beyond what anyone who has not had children can understand. She is a mother who suffers the tortures of the damned as guards, officers and other inmates turn their anti-Semitism on her. She suffers abuse at the hands of guards, officers and other inmates who resent her because she is educated...because she is an attorney...because she is gentle and kind...perhaps even because some of them actually believe in her innocence.

LIE: Your father tells you that your mother tested as borderline--or some such psychological drivvel--when she was tested by a court-appointed psychologist. LIE! Actually, your mother tests well within the normal range; any statement to the contrary is based on a whim...just something the psychologist felt like saying. [Incidentally, do you know that this is the same psychologist who said that Mr. Castillo, the father who drowned his children in a bathtub, was normal and sent the children off to him on unsupervised visits--and to their death?]

LIE: Your father tells people--and perhaps you as well--that he has your welfare at heart. Pardon my Spanish, but nierde! nierde! nierde! LIE!

LIE: Your father tells you that HE is the one who tests normal. LIE!

LIE: Your father tells you that your mother and Margery Landry had an unhealthy relationship, in which Landry was manipulated by your mother to do your mother's dirty work. LIE! Your father is the one who manipulates others to do HIS dirty work.
Just like he got you to write all that horrible stuff online about your mother.

LIE: Your father tells you that there were other things abnormal about the relationship between your mother and Landry. LIE! Margery Landry was a friend of your family. She was also a long-time friend of your mother; the two, as I understand it, were like sisters.

So what am I saying here? Bluntly, I am saying that your father is an immense liar...a mammoth, continuous liar...a remorseless liar. And that is in addition to the fact that you and I and your brother and your mother all know: he is a living lie, because he is a pedophile.

Time to end. I could say a lot more. I will refrain for now.


...allows his children to "ramble" around the back of a Jeep Cherokee and without seat heavy traffic...or on the highway...and all the time?

  • A parent who virtually always neglects to watch for his children's safety.
  • A parent who watches them closely otherwise--every word...every gesture...every thought they share with their unjustly imprisoned mother.
  • A father who molests, beats, exploits and otherwise debases his children, in order to satisfy his dark urges.
  • A father who is not "raising" his children but using them.
  • A "man" who lied on the witness stand to take these children's mother away from them.
  • A father who has been heard to say, "I don't give a damn if the kids grow up fucked up."
This is the kind of parent who lets his children ride without seat belts...who abuses their mother...and who abuses those children in every way he can think of.


She's back! You know who I'm talking about: the little, old lady from Amboy, Washington who thinks you're a pervert of the grow-your-own-victims persuasion. That is to say, a so-called "father" who molests his sons.

Yes...that little, old lady would be me.

And I have a few questions for you:

  1. You took your sons to visit their mother--Elsa Newman, #921975, Maryland Correctional Institute for Women at Jessup--in prison just over a week ago, did you not?
  2. Why is their mother in prison? All she did was try to protect her sons from you, the perpetrator they accused of all kinds of abuse--including sexual, physical, mental, emotional and anything else you could think of.
  3. Could it be that you lied on the witness stand?
  4. Could it be that other witnesses also lied?
  5. Why do you cut visits short? Your kids are supposed to see their mother for two hours each time you take them to the prison. Yet you cut the visits to an hour and a half--or sometimes just an hour and a few minutes. I'm sure you understand the importance of every second to a mother who sees her children only once a year. I'm sure you understand that. Cutting the visits short...insisting that the boys leave at your whim, when they are hanging back, trying to get another word or two with their mother...sounds to me like sheer vindictiveness. Well, duh...what else would I expect from a man who molests his own sons?
  6. Why do your sons look so tired when you take them there? Your elder son has bags under his eyes from weariness. And the bags under his eyes were worse on the second day.
  7. Why do the boys behave differently on the second day of visits? Do you coach them overnight? Do you threaten? Do you abuse again? What is it that you do to break them in preparation for the second day of visitation?
  8. Your younger son was far more solemn and careful on the second day. What did you do to change his aspect that way?
  9. Surely you do something to keep them from drawing closer to their mom. I wonder what horrors would thus change children overnight.
  10. And what about the older boy's taking your side against his little brother? That's what seems to be going on. Is the older boy trying to curry favor with his father? Is he trying to earn points for himself, so that he is less frequently and less viciously abused? What is going on here?
Someday, the truth will out. And what will you do then, AS? Whatever will you do then, when all the people you have abused, threatened, humiliated, cheated, intimidated and used let the world know what you are? And I include, of course, your own sons, who know better than any of the rest of us that the first four letters of your last name describe you to perfection.

Take careful note, Mr. S--THE TRUTH WILL OUT!