Friday, May 30, 2008


Readers are beginning—just beginning, mind you—to express in writing words of encouragement for Elsa Newman and for her sons and hope that she will find some way out of the whole dreadful situation. It think it is time for me to share some of those words of support and hope.

First of all, I believe, cause you believe in Elsa, I trust your opinion, I trust you. But, second of all, I too know that this has happened far too many times, and from what I have read of Elsa, she is innocent, and not only innocent, but she, and her precious children are the victims!Please send me a link to where you will be blogging …and I will keep up on your blog.Thirdly, my heart, my prayers, my love, and my strongest of positive thoughts go out to you and Elsa.
Tuesday December 4, 2007 - 03:04pm (EST)

Here is another, in the same vein, written because I had told people who read my pug blog, Pug Chatter, that I would be spending more time writing about Elsa and less about my four-legged kids:
i trust that you are doing the right thing… please send me the link where you will be blogging, and please give an occasional update on the pugs. you have my e-mail address, so please keep in touch, i will certainly continue to send you things to brighten your day.all of our love and +++++++++++++++++++++ energy is coming your way; we pray for you and yours daily already. blessings to you on your new journey. xxoo - n***** and pugs
Wednesday December 5, 2007 - 07:27am (EST)

And here is yet another. This one, I warn you ahead of time, is written in obvious pain from the deep places of the writer’s heart and spirit, where she takes her words from personal experience. Somehow it is also important to me to let you know that this person lives, not in the U.S., but in the U.K. The story of Elsa Newman and the lies and betrayal that put her in prison and her sons in the hands of a pedophile custodial parent—that story is on its way around the world!
Sexual abuse is as bad as murder, because the abused never ever get the opportunity to forget. The lies, deception, corruption that it all encircles grow and grow and years later anything can trigger the recall button on the abuse. I do hope someone can bring to bear proceedings to release this mother from the prison and torture of the mind she must be experiencing and also get her children away from the pedophile father.....
It will be some time before these boys will be able to stand up and defend themselves and their Mother against this animal....but believe me the day will come because every abused child finds the strength to tell, even if it's well into their 20/30/40s....they tell.....the father will not always have the power to poison their minds because in the end things do not add up and that is where the truth outs and then the abuse child will put things into perspective and do the right thing to get it set out by the record.....
In the meantime it will take people like yourself to pry, research, accuse etc and hopefully some righteous lawyer (If there is one) will take on the case and with the proof you and your colleagues have gathered will be able to overturn the verdicts and [have] the innocent freed from their prisons including those with no walls…and the guilty made to pay for their sins......Good Luck and as a Survivor of Child Sex Abuse, I wish you a speedy conclusion for all the innocents’ sake.

The following was written as a response to my statement that Elsa Newman had been told (by the pedophile father) that her sons wanted nothing more to do with her. I had stated clearly that I did not believe that to be the case.

I don't believe that either. I've met her sons and they seem very bright. They know in their hearts that their mother cares deeply for them and the time will come when they will see her again. My very best to Elsa and her sons. We must turn poison into medicine.
Posted by S******** on Friday, December 14, 2007 at 4:24 AM

This is the most recent statement—in response to the picture of Travis with his nose pressed against the bars of a crate and trying to understand how Elsa feels.

bless his heart........hope you and yours are all well, and double bless you for trying to help elsa. xxoo n***** and pugs
Friday May 23, 2008 - 07:11pm (EDT)

This final entry is an IM exchange between myself and one of the wommon who has come to believe in Elsa and support her. I leave my own name in the exchange, but I am substituting initials only for the name of the person involved in the other half of the conversation:

GB: Aine, I am reading your blog now. I am horrified! Tell me the site where this monster is, please?
grammapug: What are you reading? The one about the hands?
GB: yes
GB: Write to Oprah! Maybe the publicity would help
grammapug: He is on MySpace. HIs name is [expletive deleted—although I did give her the name].
GB: We have got to do something!
grammapug: He is not using the site, particularly...but he doesn't have it blocked from viewers. I was able to see the picture and thought immediately of what to do with those obscene hands.
GB: I refuse to sit by and let these children and their mother be " sacrificed"
grammapug: I think somebody already tried Oprah. We'd have to get thousands of people to write to her, I suppose, in order to get it to do any good.
grammapug: What in the world else can we do?
grammapug: I wish I could think of something.
GB: Then we will do that if that is what it takes!
GB: May I repost your blog?
grammapug: Go for it, lady!
GB: Ty
grammapug: Maybe you could drop Elsa a short note. It would do her good, I think, to hear that I am beginning to get some response.
GB: does Elsa Have e-mail?
grammapug: No. Prisoners are not allowed access to computers. She hand writes all mail to me.
grammapug: But if you just printed something out...or sent a card...every little thing I get cheers me up.
grammapug: Want her address?
GB: Yes,,could u send it to my e-mail please?
GB: I am on your "team"!
grammapug: OK...will do that. Uh...I'm not sure I still have your email address.
GB: [email address deleted for privacy]
grammapug: Thanks.
GB: I can't find the monster on MySpace.
grammapug: May I copy this and use it?
GB: ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
grammapug: Can you search for [the name I gave you]?
GB: I did and nothing came up
grammapug: That was how I found him. Somebody told me he was there. Hmmmmm. I'll go check and get back to you, OK?
GB: ok…ty
grammapug: If you aren't on, I'll send that info in an email, too.grammapug: I'd love it if he is gone! It would mean I'm actually getting somewhere.
GB: I am going to repost your blog ( with a short introduction from me) everywhere I can!
grammapug: Back later.
GB: ok
GB: I found him
grammapug: You found him? Are you still there?
GB: yep
grammapug: How come you couldn't find him at first? Spelled the name wrong?
GB: Yep lol
GB: I am trying to add one of the boys to my friend list
GB: I hope he accepts me
grammapug: Oh...did you find Aitch’s site?
GB: yes
grammapug: Isn't he a pleasant looking young man? I copied that picture and sent it to his mother and grandmother.
grammapug: They literally had not had a picture of him for years!
GB: He looks like such a sweet boy
GB: I wanted so much to send that asshole of a father a message, but i did not
grammapug: You're a good wommon. Good self-control.
GB: HARD!!!!!!!!!!
GB: But there is more than one way to skin a cat, isn't there?
GB: and we are going to find ways
grammapug: I have tried more than once to get Aitch to accept me as a friend. I have had no success...either as myself or after I renamed the site and made it Elsa's site. He doesn't respond.
GB: gotta keep trying though
grammapug: Well...back to work, huh?
GB: yep…for us both
GB: I am working on a bulletin of your blog now
grammapug: Eventually.
GB: We need a "myspace" page to form a group
grammapug: OMG...never thought of that one.
GB: Count me in!
grammapug: I thought of a group...but I've been on Yahoo so long I didn't think about MySpace.
GB: I will wait to talk with u a bit more before posting bulletin
grammapug: OH, anything you like.
grammapug: I am well aware of the possibility of a lawsuit.
GB: We are going to form a plan
GB: I am om a mission!
grammapug: The more we post...the less chance I will be attacked.
GB: yep
grammapug: You are now officially a part of The Elsa Project!
GB: That's part of what we will Plan
grammapug: And I will send you her address.
GB : good
GB: I will HELP
GB: I hope u don't mind
grammapug: Mind? I'm grateful. Now we need another hundred thousand or so!!!!
GB: I must warn u
GB: When I get on a mission, there is no stopping me!
grammapug: G'night, my friend. Sure nice talking to you again.
grammapug: I feel better just talking to you!

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