Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Happened to the Hamster?

What happened to "Suki," the hamster? Why did a little boy have to tell his mother about the demise of Suki? So sad was this little boy that his mother could virtually "see" his downcast face--even though her only contact with her children is by email or phone? How in the name of heaven does a hamster get "squished" between a bedpost and a wall?

How did a pet gecko meet the same fate--squished?

Just so you know, the killing of pets is typical of the behavior of some pedophile parents. The only reason I know this is that friends of mine had pedophile parents--and talked about how time and again the parent would buy a new pet to please the child--and not long thereafter will kill the pet, in order to assert dominance of the abused child.

Just a question, remember. Just a question.

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