Tuesday, June 24, 2008


“In thirty-five years [of studying/reviewing child abuse cases] I have never seen a pushback like this….I’ve seen the disfavor professional mothers are held in, but never this….The disrespect shown Elsa and her children must be seen to be believed.”
Source: Pediatrician; Head of Child Abuse Unit at his hospital; Professor, Harvard Medical School; served on Presidential Commission on Child Safety.

“Elsa’s children are well cared for by mother….Their father must be delusional…I had no choice but to report the father’s abuse.”
Source: Treating psychiatrist. Treated both children for about a year.

“In 400 emails to me[over a period of 3 years while I helped Elsa pro bono preceding the Landry crime] you’d think I’d have seen something from Elsa that she planned a crime. Nothing. She never even had a bad word to say about [her then-husband].”
Source: Robert Juceam is resident in Fried Frank's New York office. He joined the Firm in 1966, became a partner in 1974 and of counsel to the Firm on March 1, 2006. From 1995 to 2001, he chaired the litigation department in the Washington, DC office.

“In the hours and hours of time spent with Elsa, she never had a bad word about [her ex-husband]. I think I would know who’s a criminal. I was a correctional officer for years.”
Source: Stephanie Peebles, Maryland Department of Corrections

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