Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes there are so many questions...

...that I have a hard time sorting out which ones to ask.

Today, I think I'll focus on one of the most simple ones.

First, a little background—as I understand it--to let you understand the question:
· Elsa stands accused and convicted of “conspiracy” in “attempted murder.”
· She had a friend, who for the sake of convenience and privacy, I shall call simply “Friend.”
· Friend was aware that the then-husband of Elsa was molesting Elsa’s two young sons sexually.
· Friend decided she would “help out” as Elsa tried to prove the sexual abuse. This Friend did by breaking into the house at night in an attempt to plant some form of child pornography in the dwelling, hoping to help establish Ex's guilt.
· Friend has declared repeatedly that there was no murder attempt—that she never gave a thought to murder.
· Friend has likewise declared repeatedly that Elsa had not known what Friend was doing.
· Friend carried a gun during the break-in, saying it was merely for protection, and just in case.
· During this attempt to plant "evidence," Friend discovered Ex in bed with one of his and Elsa’s sons. The boy was sleeping in the nude. His father was at least partly nude—wearing no pajama bottoms.
· During the attempt, Friend accidently woke Ex, who went for her.
· In the ensuing scuffle, two things happened—Ex pull off the ski mask that Friend was wearing, and was thus able to identify her; and Ex was shot in the leg.
· After this, Friend was arrested and apparently accused of attempted murder.
· Authorities made Friend an offer—reveal Elsa’s part in the so-called “attempted murder” and Friend would receive a less severe sentence. This offer was apparently made more than once, in fact, several times.
· Friend refused the offer, saying, first, that it was not attempted murder, and second, that she would not lie to help save herself.
· Friend repeatedly informed authorities that Elsa was not involved and in fact had no prior knowledge of any kind about what had happened.
· Elsa agrees that she had no prior knowledge of any of Friend’s activities.
· Thus we have a situation where only two people in the world know the truth, and both of them declare—Friend at some detriment to herself, since she is now serving a 20-year sentence—that Elsa was completely…entirely…totally uninvolved in the break-in and subsequent events.

After all that, my question for the day is this: On the basis of what evidence is Elsa Newman imprisoned?

And my comment on the question? The need for such a question to be asked is terrifying. Because if this could happen to Elsa Newman, it could happen to any of us.

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