Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flagrant Falsehoods and Outright Lies

Why have I heard from some sources that the reason behind Elsa's conviction was not truth--but rather an assortment of lies? Lies told with a straight face. Lies that made her sound guilty, even though she is innocent?

Yes...I've heard that.

Why have I heard that?

Could it possibly be true?


canadarm2 said...

Didn't you say you where a reporter and just looking for facts.
Well fact, that post was not a fact, but a big huge OPINION!!!!
Speaking of lies have you read your 100s of bs blogs yet?

Anonymous said...

Aha! Another friend of Arlen Slobodow, I presume? Or a relative?

Well...considering the fact that I wrote these blogs...I probably read most of them, unless of course I wrote some of them in my sleep..or something.
And I guess when I am writing a blog I shall simply assert my right to put on in what I want on.
And when you write a blog, you can put on yours what you want on. Sound alike a deal?
Further, if you want to comment on my blogs and call me a liar, I can delete the blogs or let them remain. I choose to let them remain.
You are right--I often state an opinion. Blogs being what they are it is sometimes difficult for me to demand your time and take you through all the year+ worth of work that has led me to these opinions.
I also ask questions, to lots of which I have not yet figured out answers.
So must maybe if you are going to slam my might come up with a fact or two. You know...not your whole years worth of research, but just a teensy item or two. Or is it that you can't find any?
I'll say it once more: based on more than a year of investigation and research, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that Elsa Newman is innocent. Likewise I have reached another inescapable conclusion: the horrible forms of abuse which her sons said were happening to them were really, actually, honest-to-god happening to them. In short, I choose to believe Elsa Newman and her sons.
Thanks for the comment.

canadarm2 said...

Researched what, Elsa newman?
I looked at the article that Washington d.c. had about it, not elsa newman, i looked at whitnesses and talked to herbie himself,not elsanewman trying to get out of jail, i talked to people at the trial themselves, and i will tell you right now that nothing you said matches with what
i read, heard, and seen. No i told you three times now, i am not involved in this, im a canadian reporter. A real one not some bs one who just interviews a prisoner and believes them so easily.
And elsa newmans sons say otherwise
they say that elsa would punish them if they didnt do as she told them to and seemed to be pretty little at the time. Now being more freewill and older they seem to be able to speak for themselves.
I asked herbie and his brother on herbies youtube.

Anonymous said...

My G-d you are getting boring? Or what? Can't you find some facts to hand me?


And if you are really a Canadian reporter, as you claim, why are you wasting time harrassing me?

And if you are really a Canadian reporter, as you claim, why are you hiding behind a made-up name?

Just curious

And if you are really a Canadian reporter, how come you make such simple and ignorant grammar errors as "what I read, heard and seen."

Claiming to be a reporter, you prove yourself wrong by your manner of harrassment.


canadarm2 said...

Oh no forgot to add a comma!
Wow, you got me good!
Haha, you really suck at proving points, im not harassing anyone, just had a friend whos name is newman, and found you argueing with the person you claim is on youside. Ok Herbie clearly told you your lieng about his dad. Yet you continue to do it, knowing what your doing is wrong, knowing your just lieng to get a friend out of prison and in the process harming the reputation of him and his dad, and you try to befriend him and get his trust. Your an internet predator, plain and simple. May not be a dangerous one, but dangerous to his reputation when you spew lies about him and his dad online.
You discust me, thats why im talking to you.

And its not a made up name, your not a teacher, canadarm2 should be known to any intellectual person as the International Space Stations upgrade from canada, a robotic arm, and i love my country and space

Anonymous said...

You have gone beyond boring.

All I have to say to you from now on is this: if you are truly a reporter, give me some facts--real name, publication[s]for which you write, email address, any kind of validation for whom you claim to be.

Aine O