Thursday, May 8, 2008


These are Elsa's children. You won't recognize them of course. Elsa probably will not recognize them if she ever gets to see this, unless she happens to remember the photograph from which the silhouette was made. You can distinguish, I am sure, the head of the older boy, where he stands with his arms around his little brother. To the left of H's head, you can see his shoulder and then part of the head of is little brother, Arsakey. H has his arms protectively around Arsakey, as Arsakey seems to cling to H. for support and protection.

Little brothers often love, admire, respect and cling to their older brothers. The question here is this: Why is Arsakey clinging so tightly? Is he afraid? What is it that he hopes H will protect him from?

G-d help us all, G-d forgive us all, if someone out there does not take an intrest in this...believe their mother...and do something to help these boys.

Who will it be?


canadarm said...

not only was that a failed crack at making another false abuse charge, but you forgot to even post a picture. And for gods sakes use their real names your not foolin any one, Herbie and Lars.
and theyre doing fine, i can see them on youtube and they look pretty happy to me, making funny videos, herbie also looks pretty built and overconfident so i seriously doubt he would let anything mess with him.
his youtube is

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Herbie looks pretty buff, all right. He's obviously doing well with his weight-lifting and I hope it is helping him with his wresting. My dad coached high school wrestling for years, and I do know a bit about the sport--especially about the importance of having a good coach who keeps the kids in good shape so they will be far less likely to be hurt. And "good shape" for wrestling is not necessarily the same as good shape for other sports. For example, most other sports don't have to have the neck strength to bridge to keep from being pinned. There are other things, too.
"Forgot to even post a picture?" And you wrote that right under the picture. Strange comment.
You have to go way back to earlier days of my writing to find the pseudonyms. Now I just say "Herbie and Lars," as in the statement "Herbie and Lars disclosed unspeakable sexual abuses at their father's hands--as well as other kinds of abuses, everything their father could think of--all disclosed by the kids.
Yes, I also see Herbie on YouTube. He looks good...although I can't say I think he looks happy. JMHO, however.
I've viewed the videos several times. You needn't send them to me. I keep up pretty well on what the boys are doing, in the hope that one day Lady Justice will remove her blindfold and find a way to respond appropriately to the disclosures of these boys--and the unjust imprisonment of their mother.
Aine O

canadarm2 said...

yeah but they were pretty little and willing to do what theyre mom asks, i dont even think they were aware of what they were saying
I think its pretty sick a mom would make her kids say all that,
i mean there was no real evidence of any of it, they admitted to the police mom told them to say it, and i asked herbie about it and he claimedhis mother used to make him say it an punish him if he didnt.
I kinda believe Herbie the one going through it alot more then you.
Also please note that the picture may be seen on your computer, but thats because you posted it, you used the wrong code because its not viewable online, just offline on your computer

Anonymous said...

You have gone beyond boring.

All I have to say to you from now on is this: if you are truly a reporter, give me some facts--real name, publication[s]for which you write, email address, any kind of validation for whom you claim to be.

Aine O