Saturday, May 10, 2008


Throughout all Elsa's difficulties: her first realization that her children were being abused; the word from doctors that the abuse was, in fact, taking place; her first notice that SHE would go to trial, but not the abuser; her realization that many, if not most, people would not believe her or anyone else who said that her sons suffered abuse; her conviction in the first trial; her successful appeal to have that conviction set aside; her second trial and second conviction...

Through all this, Elsa kept saying things like, "We must let the law take care of this," and "Our legal system will protect the children," and "The courts will show that I am innocent."

So, the question of the day is this: Was her faith justified?


canadarm2 said...

The word from the docters that she hired at the trial.
Well the real docters that the court hired said they where not being abused. The docters she hired where payed to say what she says, kinda why she hired them.

Anonymous said...

Spelling comments: sorry, but it's the seventh-grade teacher in me coming out. I can't help it.

The word is "doctors," not docters.

The word is "paid," not payed.

The words are "kind of," not kinda.

Use spell-check, Arlen--please?

Or--as another method of approach--if you are not Arlen Slobodow, but merely a friend of his and really a Canadian reporter, may I please have name, publication, email address, and whatever else it takes to verify the things you are saying.

Thank you kindly,


canadarm2 said...

Im not a friend of yours; elsas, arlens, herbies, and whoever ela you want to throw in. And your still not answering me, just dodging my question with grammer, corrections, and sorry i type fast, dont always double check grammer.
And when have you ever given a source? When you start give real sources as well, not blogs that you posted up.

Anonymous said...

You have gone beyond boring.

All I have to say to you from now on is this: if you are truly a reporter, give me some facts--real name, publication[s]for which you write, email address, any kind of validation for whom you claim to be.

Aine O