Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Aren't People Signing This Petition?

If Elsa Newman were a polar bear, floating out to sea on a runaway ice floe…

…If she were a wolf, threatened by Sarah Palin’s “wolf’s-paw bounty”…

…If she were a penguin, somehow stranded in the Sahara desert…

…I would have thousands of signatures on her petition. Animal rights petitions garner such huge numbers of signatures.

But Elsa Newman is none of these. Instead, she is a merely a mother unjustly imprisoned at Maryland Correctional Institution for Women at Jessup.

And the last time I looked at Care2 Petition Site:

there were a mere 165 people who had signed the petition asking Governor O’Malley of Maryland to appoint an unbiased and open-minded investigator to check out the circumstances of Newman’s imprisonment, as well as to investigate the claims of her sons that they were molested by their father, who now has physical custody of the boys, by virtue of Newman’s imprisonment for a crime committed by someone else.

Where are all the people who care about the wolves and the bears and the penguins?
Won’t some of you work up the courage to sign this mother’s petition, as well as the animal rights petitions?

Yes…I know there is risk involved. OMG! What if you sign a petition and it has no effect? What if it turns out that the author of the petition—that would be me, the little, old lady retired schoolteacher who happens to believe Elsa Newman is innocent and also believes that her children were telling the truth when they said they were and probably still are being molested by their own father---what if that little, old lady turns out to be WRONG? And your name is there in black and white? And you’ve made a mistake by trying to gain attention and justice for this woman?

What if? Well, if you are worried about that, then please note the feature that allows you to keep your name anonymous on the net. You still have to write it in the appropriate place to sign. You still have to use your real email. But you can keep everything secret, and the site will just post “anonymous” and where you are from.

On the other hand, what if I am RIGHT?

What if you have turned your back on an innocent woman?

What if you have turned your back on her molested sons?

What if you have turned your back on the fact that there is a child molester living in Tampa, Florida—who may well be preying on other children in addition to his own?

What then will you say?

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