Thursday, January 22, 2009

Unjust Imprisonment--And It's Not Just Elsa Newman

The deeper I plunge into research about the Elsa Newman case, the more disgusted awe I find myself feeling--as I come daily to awareness of new cases of unjust incarceration. Here is another one. I have simply copied and pasted what was sent to me. Please notice the petition link at the bottom of this entry. Please sign it and pass it on.

Please assist in making this case public. Forward information to at least 10 people. Request that they do the same.


• Jamie and Gladys Scott – Black sisters - were convicted in 1994 of armed robbery. 9, 10 or 11 dollars was stolen. The Scott sisters were sentenced to double life.• No one was injured, murdered or, hospitalized in this alleged robbery• At the advice of their attorney(s) – the sisters did not testify in their own behalf. 5 Witnesses testified for the state. All gave conflicting stories regarding this alleged robbery but, All Witnesses stated that Jamie and Gladys Had No Involvement in the robbery – testimony in lower court.

• There are three Signed affidavits stating that Jamie and Gladys had nothing to do with the crime. The lower court did not hear these affidavits.

• One affidavit states that this was a fight which Sheriff Marvin Williams -fabricated- into an armed robbery.

• Witnesses (perpetrators) were coerced, threatened and harassed, the transcripts state that sheriff told witnesses they would be sent to Parchman, the notorious penitentiary, "to be made out of a woman" if they did not lie on The Scott Sisters.

• The sisters were framed because of the Rasco Family name. Their cousin turned FBI informant sent a high white sheriff to prison for five years. Their father became involved in illegalities for which he paid the sheriff (an additional sheriff) off – for protection against the revenue men and to remain out of prison. When the father could or would, no longer pay the escalating bribe money, he was told that they would get him – even if it meant his daughters.

• A robbery of a restaurant occurred – two Black boys committed the robbery. The sheriff attempted to coerce the restaurant owners (two white women) to lie and say that Jamie and Gladys robbed the restaurant. He wanted to pin those charges on the sisters as well. White women – one dead the other severe dementia in nursing home.

• Sisters have been in prison 14 years. Their mother struggled to raise their children (one born in prison) and now their grand children.

• Judge Marcus Gordon presided over this case.

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