Saturday, January 31, 2009

Or what about THIS terminology?

"Extended suicide"--they call it extended suicide. Since the father sees the wife and children as his property/extensions of himself - to him it is just part of killing himself.

A term that clearly reflects the return to the Dark Ages of women's rights--when a woman had absolutely NO rights. Everything belonged to the man--her father or her son; everyone catered to the man; he made all the decisions, even life and death; a woman owned only the clothes on her back, and in some states not even those. And in some countries, young wives were thrown onto funeral pyres with a husband's body. History tells stories of women walking away, stark naked, from abusive relationships they could no longer bear.

Progress? Financial, but limited. Legally the right to abuse has been taken from husbands and fathers--but this also is limited by failure of the law to respond. "There's nothing we can do," say police officers to a woman with a restraining order. "He hasn't DONE anything to you yet." So she sits...and she waits...until he kills her. And THEN the police step in and an attempt is made at establishing some kind of justice--when it's really to late for any kind of justice.

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