Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Open Response to Hate Mail from Tampa, Florida

Anyone who reads what I've been writing about Elsa Newman, knows by now that I firmly believe two things:
1. Elsa Newman is innocent and unjustly imprisoned at Maryland's Correctional Institution for Women at Jessup.
2. Newman's sons were in the past and may still be the objects of sexual molestation, by their father, as well as suffering virtually every other kind of abuse: physical, mental, emotional, verbal and spiritual, at their father's hands.

I believe the first because I have spent more than a year researching and writing about the Newman case, and I see so many holes in the prosecution case that sometimes I fear I could fall into one of them and get lost. This woman is clearly innocent and needs to have someone come forward and take on her case and get her out of prison.

I believe the second because I have spent more than a year researching and writing about the Newman case, and not only did the boys themselves disclose their father's abuse--to friends, to their treating psychiatrist, to law enforcement and to medical personnel, but I have even found a witness to the abuse, as well as reports of said abuse, filed by said treating psychiatrist.

I now have a third reason to believe that Ms. Newman's two sons were indeed the victims of molestation and other abuses: I have become the recipient of absolutely foul hate mail, proclaiming me a fat [true] liar [not true]. The writer of this hate mail claims to be ******* Slobodow, Ms. Newman's elder son. I am not sure this is true, although it is possible. It has been known in the past--whether because of Stockholm syndrome or whatever other reason: fear, coercion or what-have-you--for victims to side with their abuser.

If the author of my personal hate mail is indeed *******, then methinks the young man doth protest overmuch. It would have been sufficient to call me a liar once or twice--but I have received some twenty [ok, I really don't know for sure; it might be more than that...but who counts their hate mail?] comments and emails belittling me, calling me names, saying I'm a liar.

If the author is Arlen Slobodow, then methinks the man doth protest overmuch. It would still have been sufficient to make one or two comments. But now? Virtually every time I post I get a "hate mail" response. Hmmmmmm. Why would a person protest so much, unless the accusation is true?

Now the author has threatened me: he says he could post a video on his YouTube channel, so I could see him saying the words himself. Hmmmmmm. More overmuch of protestation.

Just so you can see what I'm talking about? Here's an example: first the hate mail; then my response.

----- Original Message -----
From: herbert slobodow
Sent: 1/24/2009 9:17:34 PM
Subject: "responce to yours"

No, you are not a feminist, feminist is a movement that actually benifited society, not tried to tear down the other branch, like you try to do to men.

You dont know what you are even talking about, if i have to ill post a youtube video of me talking about your crazy self, only fear of mine is that the little hits my channel gets may have to read your black blog of smears my mom has you write, i dont really care, any one with common sence knows your completely insane

And how can you talk if you have no idea about this situation, you are completely mistaken, hope your sane enough to understand, doubt it but ill say it one more time, YOU ARE WRITING FOR ONE OF THE SICKEST MOST DISPEAKABLE MOTHERS IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND

she manipulated me and my brother just so she wins custody and has the house to her and her friendshe manipulated her best friend into trying to kill my dadshe manipulated you to cyber bully me and lie about my dad and try to free this derranged woman who calls herself momshe used to scream at me, drop me off when i didnt want to do what she said at a place i was unfamiliar with and come back 2 mins laterAnd since feminism wanted equal treatment of woman the only thing that could be radical would be the higher treatment of woman, sexism,get your teminology right "teacher" lol need ice for the burn?
January 24, 2009 8:44 PM
******* said...
but srsly you cant be that lost to not understand anything i just said and ignore me shes pretending i dont exist because i am an obstical in her crazy world revolving around her idea that all men are evil and all woman are innocent, shes completely lost all touch of sanitymaybe she really is just "moms" responce to my blog, i mean she did say she writes for herand i could see mom being spite full towards men, because the way mom talks about my grand pa herbert sounds like she was abused by him

AND THEN MY RESPONSE TO "MR. SLOBODOW"--whichever one of them is writing this

You know, Mr. Slobodow--It might be a good idea if you made a video for YouTube. It might be a good idea if I could see and hear the words coming from your own mouth.

Then, instead of believing that Mr. Slobodow the elder is actually stooping to writing these and thus ruining his son's reputation, I could believe that Mr. Slobodow the younger is being forced to write them, under threat of god-only-knows what torments from Mr. Slobodow the elder--and thus ruining his own reputation.

OMG--I forgot to tell you! And it's so important, too! I've located a witness who can back up Ms. Newman's claims that Arlen Slobodow molested his sons sexually, as well as abusing them physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally and spiritually. There was at least one individual who witnessed and may actually have participated in abuse. And there are two other potential witnesses. I am in the process of looking the other two up now.

Have a good day, sir--but brace yourself, because the truth will out.

Aine--activist and advocate for battered/abused/molested children
and the mothers who try to protect them

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