Friday, December 12, 2008

Wow! Don't Know When Anything Has Pleased Me This Much!

Wear the Colors Black and Blue--So Children Don't Have To!

Forwarded to through a protective mothers organization I belong to. According to Jennifer [remember the story of Holly Collins? Jennifer is her daughter, returned to the US to speak out about the horrors of "Court Appointed Child Abuse"] you are free to forward and re-post on blogs, websites, or wherever.

Thus I am proud to repost this item on this blog. The only comment on my own? Go with God and God go with you.


Aine O’Brocken:

Note: Please direct all questions to:
Hello, this is Jennifer. It has taken me a month to get everything up and running. Please excuse the delay.
Today November 1 2008 (All Saints Day) is a very special day for me. I would like to introduce my own organization!CA3 Children Against
Court Appointed
Child Abuse
CA3 is an organization founded by adult children who suffered "Court Appointed Child Abuse" also known as "CA-CA"
Mission Statement of CA3:
1.) CA3 will be the voice of every child who is a victim of "CA- CA" Court Appointed Child Abuse!
2.) CA3 will find a way to hold the family court authorities accountable for their "Failure to Protect" children from abuse.
3.) CA3 is determined to stop the "CA-CA"
Court Appointed Child Abuse "CA-CA"1.) The Court was made aware that there had been abuse to the child.2.) The Court ignored or minimized the abuse to the child.3.) The Court ordered the child to be alone in the hands of her/his abuser.
Are you the victim of "CA-CA" Court Appointed Child Abuse?- Your own parent abused you.
- The court was told about the abuse.
- The court ordered you to continue to go alone with your abuser.
- You were abused again with the court knew and basically approved of the abuse that was happening to you.
- You are traumatized from the abuse from your own parent who was supposed to love you.
- You feel betrayed by the United States justice system who was supposed to protect you.
- You are hurt, betrayed and angry and you do not know where to turn for help.
- You are the victim of "CA-CA!" ** Even though "CA-CA" is not acknowledged by any professional board, kids who suffered this abuse know that it exists and we are giving a name to it!Come join us!
We will help you find your voice and together we will try to heal from the CA-CA, Court Appointed Child Abuse.
Dedication:Dedicated to all the children who are still being abused and for those who did not make it out alive…
Please be advised that CA3 is an organization of traumatized kids who have suffered horrendous abuse and we are trying to find our voice. We already intend on being direct, confrontational and vocal. If you are uncomfortable with what we are saying, then you should go root of the problem and Stop the CA-CA (Court Appointed Child Abuse)
Adult Child Board of Directors:Non-Executive Director: Jennifer TveterProblematic Director: Zachary TveterVocal Director: Position Available
Professional Advisory Board Members:President: Dr. Joyanna SilbergSecretary: Connie ValentineTreasurer: Dara Carin
Supporting Organizations:
Courageous Kids
(We will really appreciate it if your organization will stand behind us.)
The CA-CA stops here

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herbie!!!!!! said...

Not to be sexist, Mrs. O Brocken,
but did you know that 60 to 70% of child abuse comes from the mother....
Learned it in law class.

Now dont you agree you should stop child abuse?

Well, your ignoring about 70 percent of it.

And The one your working on now isnt even a real one, its what some mentally unstable mother you meet in prison lied to you about, and looking for some $$$ and another way to try to take down the other sex, you quickly took this as your oppertunity