Tuesday, December 30, 2008

They Don't Really Put Innocent People in Prison! Do They?

Americans seem somehow to live with an "if-they're-in-prison-they-must-have-done-something-wrong" philosophy. Perhaps that is why it is so difficult for me to convince people that I have found one of the innocent ones and work on her behalf--because she has no access to the internet on her own.

Here is another example:

Another Wrongful Conviction in Houston
By TChris, Section Innocence Cases Posted on Sat Dec 20, 2008 at 03:38:59 PM EST

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt insists his department bears no responsibility for Ricardo Rachell's wrongful arrest, conviction, and incarceration. When the police arrested Rachell for sexually assaulting a minor, they recovered physical evidence that could have been tested for DNA. The department's notoriously unreliable crime lab had been closed, so the evidence wasn't tested. Prosecutors didn't order DNA testing and nobody told the defense that the evidence existed.
While Rachell was in jail, the officers involved in his arrest investigated a string of similar assaults in their district. If that fact caused them any concern for Rachell's innocence, they did nothing about it.
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Jurors sentenced Rachell to 40 years in prison in a case built largely on eyewitness testimony from the victim and one of his 8-year-old friends. More than five years later, DNA evidence — available but never tested before Rachell's trial — cleared him of any involvement in the attack. ...
Eventually, DNA evidence linked registered sex offender Andrew Wayne Hawthorne to at least one of those assaults, and he pleaded guilty in three cases. He is serving a 60-year prison sentence.
There's plenty of blame to distribute, but the Houston Police Department deserves a large slice.

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herbie!!!! said...

i notice a pattern about you...

Your only writting about innocent woman in jail, not men.

Also that you spell woman womon, leaving out the man ey?

Also that when you talk about child abuse you ignore the fact that the highest percent of child abuse comes from the mom.

You also have never shown a case about a woman abusing her children, which has definatly happened many times, you seem to ignore thoose cases.

You also like to call law enforcement, courts, and lawyers

Well Mrs. Brocken, i believe it is you, who is sexist.

Why do you hate men so much?

What event happened in your life to fuel this hatred?

But its not me you should be telling this to, but yourself.

Is this the reason you believed my mom so easily when all the evidence, 24 random people, all the witnesses, and even I, the one that went through this whole event tells you otherwise.


but...its not them you should be conserned about...
but yourself