Saturday, December 20, 2008


An open letter to Herbie...or Herbster...or Herbeest...or Her bee... or canadarm2...or sheepsunion...or however you choose to name yourself today.

I have a few questions that I’d like to ask you. Since you have not yet written using my email address, which I sent you via a comment on a variety of blogs and such, I thought perhaps this would be the best way to get these questions to you, since I know you are reading this particular blog now.

1. How did your mother make you lie?

2. To whom did she make you lie?

3. What kind of lies, exactly, did she make you tell?

I am interested to know exactly what she did to accomplish this. Maybe if I could hear some of your point of view, I could understand better, and I might not be so convinced by the documents I have read.
Beyond that, I would like to say again that I am glad you are expressing yourself. However, I suppose I fall short of complete appreciation of some of the things you say to me and the way you say them, since I had understood from people who know you that you are quite a nice young man, thoughtful and courteous. Aside from that, I do understand that you have had many difficulties in your young life. And if swearing and name-calling makes you feel better about yourself and the vagaries of that life, then go for it.

Since I, of course, was not there, I do not know what really went on when you were younger. But I do know that there have been many, many doctors, pediatricians, social workers, teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists who expressed concerns about you and your brother when you were younger because of many things you told them about feeling unsafe.

Believe it or not I have read through all of the materials myself and made my own decision. While I cannot say exactly what was going on, I can say that something terrible was happening to you when you were younger, some of which had nothing to do with your mom. It is obvious from reading what I have read. One day when you are older, I hope you will get a chance to review some of this and decide for yourself.

What I believe and what many, many intelligent and informed people believe is that your mother is unfairly imprisoned, and that she is innocent of wrongdoing. I do know her friend brought a gun to your house and struggled with your father. I do believe that woman was guilty. I believe she was brought to such a crazy action because she adored you and your brother; you were telling her terrible, terrible things were happening, and she desperately wanted to save you.

Unfortunately, what ended up happening is the worst chain of events possible:, your father’s being shot in the leg, and as for your mother: wrongful conviction, separation from you, and inability to be there for you in your life. I do hope the terrible things that you were mentioning when you were younger are no longer happening, and am truly happy if that has stopped or was misunderstood by all the professionals.

I want to keep my websites going, not to harm you, but to see if one day the public can better understand what has happened to your mother. What happened to your mother is not unique. There are many women all over the country—there are, in fact, thousands of women--who try to get help for their children and end up in jail, or are otherwise blamed. This is very sad.

Would you be interested in talking or writing to other children whose mothers were taken from them when they asked their mothers for help? There are many children out there this happened to. This is a real tragedy. But the reality is that many of them have grown up and are now speaking about what happened to them and to their mothers.
Out of all of this, there many things I do not know. What I do know for sure is that your mother loves you very, very much. She talks and writes frequently about how smart and brave and talented you are, and all the good things she wishes for you. I hope that you can feel that love even if your mom and you disagree right now about what really happened when you were younger.

Sincerely and with great hope and best wishes for you and your brother,

Aine of Brocken

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herbisism said...

first time i visited dad She asked me if anything happpened at dads house, i told her no, she said im lying and how would i like to never see her again, i was upset and told her nothing did happen, and she got mad and i got introuble
and was sent to my room, cant remember what else happen, next time i came back from dads house she asked me if a bunch of stuff i wasnt familiar with at the time, i said no, and she told me i was lying and started to yell at me, and so i just picked one of the things she said and said ok fine that happened, she started to go with it, it was something about not being fed alot or something, then she kept asking me wierd stuff and i thought because she was my mom i was supposed to admit to it, also she keptthreeatining me, i wouldnt see her if i didnt say it.
Thats the truth.
She manipulated seven year old me to make me say what i wanted.
Im not exadurating it at all