Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One answer--more questions...

This photo is cropped from the banner heading on the internet business advertising of the man I believe is a pedophile who sexually abuses his own children, takes photos and videos of them in compromising positions and further abuses them in other ways. As a matter of fact, the photo in yesterday's blog--showing strips of film--was from the same banner heading. In today's shot I removed a figure who appears to be an employee. No sense painting an innocent employee with a brush that only a pedophile deserves.

Answer to question 13: I could…but I’m not going to.

For me to give you an address would be harmful to the children. They are two wonderful boys, if I am to believe their mother—who loves them dearly and who is doing everything she can to bring their disclosures to light. But she’s sort of stuck in Maryland. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know what I mean.

Further, for me to give you the address would offer the alleged pedophile yet another opportunity to turn on the charm and charisma and pull the wool over still more eyes. It would give him yet another opportunity to call himself the innocent victim of false accusations. It would offer him one more chance to play on the sympathies of authorities and tell his rancid story of how difficult he finds it to live with these repeated and “false” accusations when he is trying so hard to raise two boys on his own; when he was forced to move to Florida because it was too difficult to stay in Maryland, due to circumstances there.

Question 14: If he is so damned innocent, why did Margery Landry find him, half naked, in bed with a small son who was completely naked? And why had had this creature told authorities the child came to the father’s bed when he (the child) was unable to sleep. And why had the child’s bed not been slept in? And why was there in the bedroom a bag of what appeared to be sex toys in one of the slides showed by prosecutor Katherine Winfree at the first trial? And why were that little pair of shoes and those child’s socks beside the bed, silent witnesses to what must have happened to the child in that bed? And why did Winfree not use those same slides at the second trial? Were they too telling?

Oops!…I guess that was more than just one question. But those questions and many more demand to be asked.
Just to be different and wrap this up, I think I'll go ahead today and offer a response to question 14:
Answer to question(s) 14: There is no answer to any of today’s questions. There is no answer at all.

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