Saturday, July 5, 2008

And closer still...

Hey, Aine...that's the same picture you posted yesterday! What's up with that?
Yes, it is the same picture, but I'm toing to tell you a bit more today. The answer to question 7 lies in one of these counties.
Answer to question 7: Take a pin. Stick it in a map of Florida’s central west counties. Yup. You’re right. No matter where that pin ends up, you’re right, because pedophiles are everywhere. I even have some registered pedophiles not far from my home in the boondocks of Washington State. But if you want to know the whereabouts of the particular alleged pedophile I’ve been writing about? Try Hillsborough County.

Question 8: And are you going to give up any more details about the location of this alleged pedophile? How far are you willing to go in making this revelation?


RickyM said...

I understand what your friend is going through because I am helping somone with a similar problem.

I'll pray for Elsa.

Anonymous said...

OMG...I looked at both of your sites. Your description of the man sounds so much like Elsa Newman's description of her ex-husband. Small wonder, I guess...they were cast from the same mode and apparently have the same model number.

Are you making any headway?

Has anything happened as a result of your using his picture?

I've been tempted to give the name and the picture of Elsa's ex, but have been too nervous about possible retaliation to do so.

It is one thing to know that there are thousands of people--mostly women, I think--who have problems like this. It is a whole other thing to begin reading their stories. Please keep in touch.

A person can break their heart trying to do something about a situation such as this one and the one I write about.

Should you ever desire to contact me directly, my personal emal address is

Your correspondence would be more than welcome.


herbie said...

Ricky you have no idea what my mom is going through, shes fucking crazy and made me make alot of shit up i wish i didnt.
This person isnt her friend, its some one she hired to write for her