Saturday, September 20, 2008

This woman is Elsa Newman. Why? Why? Why...

...did the Attorney General of Maryland insist this mother wanted to kill her children? She would have sooner died for them!

...did Prosecutor Katherine Winfree patch together a case that made this mother look like she was involved in a conspiracy to commit murder, when there was neither conspiracy nor murder attempt?

...did Stephen Friedman lie in court and say he had heard this mother plan to murder her estranged husband...or her children...or somebody or other?

...did Maryland's highest court say there was nothing to connect this mother to either plot or murder attempt?

...did the state of Maryland put Newman on trial again?

...did Sandra Ashley "suddenly remember" that she had heard a death threat from Elsa some four years earlier?

...did Prosecutor Katherine Winfree call this mother "a delusional witch" and a "nut?"

This woman is Elsa Newman, innocent and unjustly incarcerated at Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.

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