Monday, September 1, 2008


The ultimate question about Nazi tactics:

What exactly was the first thing that the Nazi machine in Germany did to families when said families arrived in Dachau or Auschwitz or Birkenau or some other death camp?

Come on. Think. This is crucial to what is happening in US courts today. Nazis brought Jews into the camps by the thousand…hundreds of thousands…millions…and what was the first move that those most inhuman of humans made?

Answer: they separated families, men and boys one direction, women and girls another. Children? They were snatched from their mothers’ arms and sent to walk under a stick of a certain height. If they could walk under it, they were too small, useless to Nazi taskmasters and they were killed. If they had to duck to walk under it, they were allowed to live, so they could work or serve or be raped by their Nazi “masters”.

What is the first thing many American courts do today to a family that walks into divorce court expecting justice? Well…some divorces may be amicable, with the two parties arriving at mutual agreement about virtually everything. In these cases, the court is little more than a rubber stamp. This, I think, is a good thing. Reasonable people, able to work through things for themselves and make decisions about all kinds of issues involved in divorce: what happens to the money? What happens to the house? What happens to the children?

But the other cases? The ones that are bitter and acrimonious? The ones that involve nasty custody battles? What do courts do? They separate the families, of course: Woman on one side with her attorney. Man on the other, with his attorney.
And the child or children are made to walk a fine line in between, sometimes with an attorney of their own, called in some places, a guardian ad litem, who often pays them little or no attention and does them little or no good. These children will be placed in the custody of one parent or the other, pretty much according to the whim of the court, and sometimes according to whoever it is that the children’s attorney sides with.

And the fate of these children? The first important thing to note is that none of them will be weeded out by size. In some 54% of these cases, at least, the children are awarded to the custody of a batterer or abuser. See the difference here? The authorities of Nazi prison wanted only those of a proper size to perform labor or service or be the victims of rape.

Not the courts of America. Not the judges of America. Huh-uh. Any child of any size can be useful--to be battered or raped or otherwise abused. Any child!

Why Aine O’Brocken! Are you saying that batters and abusers are given custody of children? Surely not. Our American courts are just and honorable. The welfare of the child is considered first and foremost.


American courts, judges and lawyers in family cases don’t give a fig for the child/children. Courts tend to take the child/children from the care of whichever parent runs out of money first. Thus, impoverished mothers who have spent literally down to every last nickel they had or could borrow, trying to gain custody of children for whom they have been primary caregivers, stand in dismay as a judge bangs a gavel and sends their babies off to the care of an abuser, who, because he still has some money left, is deemed to be better able to care for said child or children.

Abuse is not an issue in placing children or in ordering supervise visitation. Google the recent Castillo case in Maryland, in which a father was allowed unsupervised visits despite a mother who begged the courts to require supervision. Amy Castillo insisted that the father was a danger to her children.
The result? The three Castillo children are dead, drowned by their father in a bathtub during one of those unsupervised visits.

Google the Elsa Newman case. Elsa is unjustly imprisoned, convicted by a manipulative prosecutor of a crime that did not even exist—conspiracy to commit murder. The crime did not exist, simply because there was no co-conspirator. How on earth to you get “conspiracy” out of that?

Further, Elsa’s children were placed in the custody of a father against whom they have revealed unspeakable abuses—sexual, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and any other kind you can think of.

Oh, yes. This fascist attitude is alive and well in the United States of America, where divorce courts divide and conquer--and award a child or children to the parent with more money, no matter if that parent is abusing said child or children.

Is it mere coincidence that Elsa Newman is Jewish? and that she wants her children raised according to their Jewish heritage—either conservative or orthodox? And that their father, although also of Jewish descent, has chosen to integrate into the general community?

Naw, I suppose the questions of heritage has nothing to do with what happens in the courts. It is happening, after all, everywhere, and to women of any and all ethnicity.

And shame, for shame, for shame on an American “justice” system which thus makes a farce of the very term which has so long been an integral part of our national pride.


activist said...

Thank you for CARING! Your work is SO dead on! THIS is a frightening trend in our legal system, where "loss of due process" is not even the worst aspect. Our citizens need to know, and your description and characterization of the U.S. family court system is very well expressed. I am so so careful in my activist work for change. I know of so many who hang on to a thread of custody and live in abject fear of getting caught "speaking out"...and never seeing their children again. SO many others, have lost everything, and speak out boldly in spite of threats from local judges. I would love for you to see my work on this topic. I was so moved by these issues that I created two music videos designed to reach young people who are curious, but wouldn't reach for literature on this issue--just yet. I want to save them from ever getting into this situation, so I used a country song that was flying up the top ten all summer this year (I'm sure because it resonates with so many battered women) for the first music video. The second was released in response to Alec Baldwin's book promoting P.A.S. After reading your work, I hold you in high regard and would love to hear your opinion (I have a "send message" icon in my profile) after seeing mine. They're music videos, so they're not too long. I think this whole generation who've been caught up in this is trying to save the next. Thank you again for your efforts.

activist said...

MUSIC VIDEOS can be located at

herbie said...

This woman is no activist,
Its some one my mom hired to lie about my dad, why?
because all she cares about is herself and getting out of prison

And just incase you didnt notice...
my dad is jewish and so am i, nazi has nothing to do with the trial.
but if you really want something to complain about go here