Thursday, August 21, 2008

WHO has human rights issues?

Costa Rica frees US woman wanted for international kidnapping, grants her refugee status
The Associated Press
Published: July 26, 2008

OK… what is wrong with this picture? The United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave, right? Our leaders aim verbal blasts at China and other countries over the question of human rights. And yet this woman—and others like her—have been forced to flee this country and make their homes elsewhere in order to save themselves and/or their children from battering and abuse.
There is a cloud of shame roiling over our heads when this country makes such action necessary.
Remember Elizabeth Morgan? She was in prison for two years because she had sent her daughter out of the country to protect the child from sexual abuse at the hands of the child’s own father. And she wouldn’t tell where the child was, because she was determined that there would be no more such abuse.
Remember Elsa Newman? She didn't run. She trusted the American justice system to take care of her sons and herself. Now Elsa is in prison, and the two sons are in the physical custody of a man they have said abuses them sexually.

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