Saturday, September 26, 2009


Recognize the hands? Remember when I used them in one of my original blogs, not just on this site, but on several sites? Remember how quickly you removed your picture--which contained those hands--from your Facebook page? Why did you remove that picture? I can only suppose that you removed it in fear that someone who saw both pages might recognize the hands and know of whom I was writing.

That is certainly what I would have done, if I were a pedophile who was molesting my own sons and somebody cropped my hands from MY picture and put those hands on a blog site.

After spending two years and more researching your situation and the case of your ex-wife, Elsa Newman, I have a pretty good idea about some other things I would do if I were a pedophile, abusing my own sons, and some obnoxious little old lady from the state of Washington began exposing me on a blog site. Oh, yes! How about some of this:

1. I would be sure that CPS never interviewed my sons except in my presence.

2. I would lie to my sons about their mother. I would say things like, “Your mom is nothing but a failed lawyer.” It’s balderdash; Elsa Newman was quite a successful lawyer. But that’s what I would tell me sons if I were a pedophile and I were molesting them.

3. I would tell other lies about their mother. I would tell them she is “crazy,” despite the fact that Elsa Newman’s psychological testing showed her well within the framework of what is considered normal.

4. I would lie about my own psychological testing. I would never let my sons know that I was the one whose tests showed more-than-questionable tendencies toward mental problems.

5. If I were a child molester, and if I were molesting my own children, I would be delighted at the opportunity to put my sons’ mother in prison. Said mother, after all, is their primary line of defense. I would lie, if I had to, in order to make her look guilty.

6. Hell…I’d even pay other people to lie. I would do most anything to keep my obscene secret a secret.

7. If my children disclosed the truth, I would beat them and/or use any other possible form of intimidation to force them to take back their words of accusation.

8. If I were a child molester who specialized in molesting his own children, and my children disclosed the truth, I would take what those children said and tell authorities that it couldn’t have happened: Nobody could stuff a whole transformer toy into a little boy’s rectum. Ridiculous. Of course the fact would remain that I hadn’t stuffed the whole toy in there--it just felt that way to the kid. But I would make the kid look foolish and unbelievable.

9. If I were a child molester, abusing my own children, I would persuade my children that those things never happened. I would use mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and any other kind of force I could think of to assure that my sons lost track of reality--and wouldn’t even remember the things I had done to them.

10. If I were a child molester, and my own children were the primary objects of my attentions, I would do everything in my power to keep my children from their mother. She’s in prison, after all. She must have done SOMETHING to deserve to be there. And I would lie about my ex-wife until my sons believe me.

How am I doing, AS[S]?

And there’s so much more I would do, isn’t there? But that’s enough for now. Maybe you will write a response to me and continue with further thoughts about the actions of a pedophile who abuses his own children?

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