Sunday, August 9, 2009


Dear young men who have asked me not to use your names any longer,

Please notice that I respect your wishes, even though I must continue to write about the abomination your father has made of your lives, and the hell on earth he has created for your mother.

Her hell has more than one part, you know: one part, of course, is the imprisonment itself, unjust as it is, and the way she is treated in prison. Another part is her separation from you. And still another is her knowledge of the disclosures you made when you were much younger; your mother has to live every day of her life with the belief that your father abuses and molests you in every way he can think of.

And one more part of your mother's hell on earth is the certain knowledge that your father lies to you about her. Yes. He lies.

LIE: Your father told you that your mother planned to kill her older son, in order to save the younger one. LIE!

LIE: Your father told you that your mother pushed you down the stairs. LIE! In reality, your father pushed your mother down the stairs while she was holding a baby...the older of the two of you.

LIE: Your father told you that Margery Landry tried to kill him. LIE! If she was even remotely thinking of murder, why did she have only two bullets in the gun?

LIE: Your father told you that it was crazy for you to call Margery Landry "Aunt Margie." LIE! Lots of kids call their mom's best friend aunt...or other friends of the family aunt or uncle. It is actually quite common in the very finest of families.

LIE: Your father tells you that your mother is crazy. LIE! Your mother is a woman unjustly imprisoned. She is a mother who loves her children far beyond what anyone who has not had children can understand. She is a mother who suffers the tortures of the damned as guards, officers and other inmates turn their anti-Semitism on her. She suffers abuse at the hands of guards, officers and other inmates who resent her because she is educated...because she is an attorney...because she is gentle and kind...perhaps even because some of them actually believe in her innocence.

LIE: Your father tells you that your mother tested as borderline--or some such psychological drivvel--when she was tested by a court-appointed psychologist. LIE! Actually, your mother tests well within the normal range; any statement to the contrary is based on a whim...just something the psychologist felt like saying. [Incidentally, do you know that this is the same psychologist who said that Mr. Castillo, the father who drowned his children in a bathtub, was normal and sent the children off to him on unsupervised visits--and to their death?]

LIE: Your father tells people--and perhaps you as well--that he has your welfare at heart. Pardon my Spanish, but nierde! nierde! nierde! LIE!

LIE: Your father tells you that HE is the one who tests normal. LIE!

LIE: Your father tells you that your mother and Margery Landry had an unhealthy relationship, in which Landry was manipulated by your mother to do your mother's dirty work. LIE! Your father is the one who manipulates others to do HIS dirty work.
Just like he got you to write all that horrible stuff online about your mother.

LIE: Your father tells you that there were other things abnormal about the relationship between your mother and Landry. LIE! Margery Landry was a friend of your family. She was also a long-time friend of your mother; the two, as I understand it, were like sisters.

So what am I saying here? Bluntly, I am saying that your father is an immense liar...a mammoth, continuous liar...a remorseless liar. And that is in addition to the fact that you and I and your brother and your mother all know: he is a living lie, because he is a pedophile.

Time to end. I could say a lot more. I will refrain for now.

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