Thursday, April 30, 2009


...when she is in prison, by the dictates of the American "justice" system...when she is--by the dictates of that same system--deprived of any but minimal contact with her children, and that only through the custodial parent... when she has heard the children disclose terrible sexual abuse by their father, the custodial parent mentioned previously...when the children are so frightened of their father that they will no longer attempt disclosure to anyone...when no one in the legal system will acknowledge the possibility that she might be right...when all she can do for her herself is try to hold her head up and deal with the realities of her imprisoned life.. when all she knows in the deep places of her spirit that her children are in a prison that is, if anything, worse than her own...when all she can do for those children is weep.

Besides begging authorities to listen to her and take her seriously, what on earth is this mother to do???

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