Saturday, March 21, 2009

With the help of the evil one?

Greetings, everyone: especially greetings to *******, ****, and Arlen Slobodow, who have long been the subject of my blogging on this site.

I’d say greetings also to Elsa Newman, but of course she is the mother who is unjustly imprisoned in the state of Maryland, so she will not get a chance to see this.

I suppose the people I am greeting are a bit disappointed to realize that I am back. But I have been gone for a couple of weeks due to taking time off from the stress of day-to-day life here in the land of Brocken.

While I was gone I had some random thoughts that struck me, and I believe I’ll share them with you.

You may have noticed in reading here that ******* has become quite vocal about the abuse and molestation he and his younger brother have suffered at the hands of his father. But his becoming vocal has taken the form of denial. He has called me a liar…a bitch…a fat slob...and has used an assortment of other terminology not nearly so polite.

The thought that struck me is this. Young Mr. ******* Slobodow is setting himself up to take a fall. How is that? Well, many men and boys who have been raped, molested or abused are not able to admit that fact until they reach their forties or fifties; it is, for many men, only at that time that the complete horror of what has been done to them somehow hits them full force. They become angry. They want justice.

Several states—including Florida, I believe—are now working on extending the statute of limitations for childhood abuse, molestation and rape. [From this page to G-d’s eyes, please…please…please.] What this means is that when children grow to adulthood…and when they reach that stage of recognizing and admitting the unspeakable horrors that have been imposed upon them, they will be able to take the issue to court and sue their molesters/abusers/rapists.

When young Mr. ******* Slobodow was even younger than he is now, he was quite vocal about the molestation. It was, in fact, ******* who had to have his hands pried from a table by legal authorities who came to force him to visit his father.

Obviously Arlen Slobodow would be quite pleased with *******'s insistence that the father never molested his sons. ******* is playing right into his father’s hands. It is greatly to the elder Slobodow’s advantage to have *******’s revocation on the internet.

So what will happen when ******* reaches the age of forty or fifty or so and is finally able to confront what happened to him? Well…his father will have a written record of a teenage *******’s denial that there ever was any molestation or abuse.

Kind of a sad plan, *******. A very sad plan, indeed, and one you may well live to regret.

Your father, Arlen Slobodow of Tampa, Florida, is a child molester. Does he limit his molestation and abuse to you and your brother? Or are your denials giving your father the freedom to exercise his pedophilia on other children, in addition to his two sons?

Are you helping create a monster, *******? No. The monster created himself--most likely with the assistance of the Evil One. But you may well be clearing the path for him—to other children who, like you, will be molested and abused and made the subject of child pornography.

Is that the path of a good Jew, *******? To help make life a living hell for other children and teenagers?

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